Google’s “Disavow Links” Tool Puts More Burdens On Webmasters

If you didn’t believe that negative SEO existed before, you now have proof from the horse’s mouth. A new Google Webmaster feature allows you to disavow bad links pointing to your site, mostly because Google doesn’t have the capability of doing it on its own.

Google has really been batting a thousand with webmasters lately, between the extreme favoritism given to big brands and Fortune 500s in organic search, a blatant vendetta against the affiliate marketing community, sheer hypocrisy regarding their stance on paid links vs. how amazingly well paid links truly pay off in real life, and those world famous SERPs that are utterly overwhelmed with AdWords ads and black-hatters slipping by the very algorithms that were supposed to end their careers.

More Tools To Fix The Broken Machine

But wait, there’s more: now, Google wants you — the extremely busy webmaster — to babysit your own backlinks with a new “Disavow Links” tool. This tool will allow you to upload a file of known backlinks that you’d want Google to stop considering. Wait…what?

Why is this our responsibility? At this point, Google is crossing a fine line between betterment and insubordination. So, we’re not only supposed to dedicate our careers toward obtaining almighty backlinks — the #1 most important factor in the Google algorithm — but, we’re also supposed to constantly check our backlinks and look for the ones that Google *might* subjectively consider “bad neighborhood links?” And, even if the links that Google *could* or *may* subjectively consider to be “bad links” might not be, then we’ll be disavowing what were actually good and helpful backlinks?

Negative SEO Is Real

I think the implication of this tool is worse than anything else. Basically, Google is now admitting that negative SEO not only exists, but it works — and they’re saying “here’s a tool to combat it…because we (don’t want to/don’t know how to) do it, so, do it yourself.”

Of all the absurd things that has happened with Google and SEO this year, this is perhaps one of the most dumbfounded ones of all.

Hey Google, instead of adding more burdens upon the webmaster community: how about practicing what you preach: here’s a list of companies that you should put out of business entirely with a good old fashioned de-indexing…you know, because they sell DoFollow links, and their clients are cheating their way to the top of SERPs with cash. While you’re at it, put out of business as well, because it sells blog posts with PageRank-passing links, also allowing companies to cheat their way to high rankings.

…but, that would make sense and conform to the original purpose of Google Penguin.

Do you think Fortune 500s and big brands will be using the Google Disavow Links tool? No — because it wasn’t created for them.